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Fish market aims to boost carp sales

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Two Rivers Fisheries which opened in Wickliffe in 2013, has seen a lot of success lately with repeat customers from across the country and overseas. Their fish, which come from the Mississippi and Ohio rivers as well as Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, are shipped to restaurants in major cities, including St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Boston, as well as Europe and Asia.

But they’d like to see more Kentuckians give their products a try.

Yu said the market fluctuates, but the business is working on expanding to offer a wider selection of carp-based products.

When the company started in 2013, it shipped only to China, but now it’s shipping all over the world and is the largest exporter of Asian carp in the United States, Yu said.

The company has been applauded for helping boost Kentucky’s fish exports by 300 percent in 2013 and was featured in The Wall Street Journal in 2014.

“We struggle, we have ups and downs. We are on the right track right now,” Yu said. “There’s still a lot of work to do.”


Marketing campaign began in Paducah Friday at the Flying Dra

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Big news everyone! Our marketing campaign has begin in Paducah Friday at the Flying Dragon restaurant. If you never tasted the carp, now it’s your chance.

This venture has already begun in New York and California. “If people eat more, we will have more fish. We can create more jobs for our factory and also our fishermen,” Yu said, she is the president of Two Rivers Fisheries, Inc. “I want it to be as popular as Kentucky Fried Chicken!” she added.