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Established in 2012, Two Rivers Fisheries owns and runs fish processing facilities in Wickliffe, KY and Eddyville, KY. We process and export all varieties of carps including Common, Bighead, Silver, and Grass Carp as well as buffalo, catfish, and other freshwater fish. Our professional fishermen are contracted and harvest the fish out of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, as well as the Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

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After receiving the fish from the fishermen, Two Rivers Fisheries’ skilled employees process the fish to meet customer’s demand. After processing, the carp is then flash-frozen, boxed up, and shipped out to its destination around the world.



Led by Angie Yu, founder and president of the company, Two Rivers has a strong, diverse, and hard-working team equipped with decades-long experience in fish/seafood, import/export, production management, and quality control. While our businesses are inter-continentally global, our people are down-to-earth local.  

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The symbolic meanings of ‘fish’ in general and "carp" in particular throughout global cultures include prosperity, wealth, , perseverance, and good luck. Asian Carp are  an indispensable food and cultural component particularly in many Asian countries and their celebrations. 

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